More senior living providers investing in high-speed internet

Many senior care organizations are investing in high-speed internet.

The rapid advances in web technologies like content streaming and video chat have made high-speed internet a necessity. In order to keep their residents connected and up-to-date with the latest technology, many senior living organizations are improving internet access by adding high-speed and wireless options, according to a new Ziegler survey. 

The investment firm's latest CFO Hotline Technology Spending survey found that nearly three-quarters of the chief financial officers polled said that their organizations had put significant amounts of capital into improved internet access. This is a major increase from the 36 percent who gave that response just two years ago. By comparison, fewer than 20 percent of organizations had invested in rehabilitation devices or automatic fall detectors. 

Compared to past years, senior living groups also seemed to be spending more on internet access than in past years. Fifty-five percent of the CFOs surveyed said that their organizations would increase their investment in web technologies and social media over the next year. 

Other technological programs that care organizations said that they want to improve include:

  • Electronic health record systems 
  • Electronic point of care program
  • Improved wander management systems 
  • Medication management software 
  • Resident access to video conferencing technology. 

The survey allowed CFOs to provide their own open-ended comments about the technological challenges that they face within their organizations. While most statements focused on electronic health records, one seemed particularly relevant to anyone who works closely with an aging population, whether at home or an assisted living facility:

"Does anyone have a long-term strategy for coping with changes in technology, or do you just deal with it on an application by application basis?"

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