Software Interface: Angela

Our software interface is delivered to the care recipient through a friendly, simple user interface called Angela. Angela offers a fun and inviting antidote to the number one issue for the elderly looking to remain independent: social isolation.

Featuring an expertly designed and easy to use, intuitive interface, Angela comes ready to use with larger screen fonts, higher contrast and brighter colors geared to the needs of the elderly.

By interacting with Angela embedded on the TV, care recipients have easy and effortless access to:

  • Video chat
  • Integrated health information
  • Important appointment reminders
  • Games
  • Medication reminders
  • Easy family photo and message sharing
  • Community events and dining options
  • And more

Elderly couple watching television sitting comfortably on a sofa with their backs to the camera holding the remote control - stock photoTelevisions are an integral part of almost every American’s daily life. Everyone has a fundamental understanding of how to operate a TV, which makes this household device the perfect avenue to promote continued independence and engagement among older adults.

The only TV solution of its kind in the world!

Independa’s CloudCare platform is fully integrated not just with, but within LG’s commercial televisions, ensuring a scalability and reliability. This integration allows for our Angela interface to appear right on top of the normal television programming – for example, whatever content is being watched, from whichever station or provider. Through the LG television, Angela can, without ever learning anything new or even inputting a password, securely:

  • Allow the viewer to engage with loved ones via Faceboo messages and photos or Skype video chat
  • Display reminders to take medication, call a friend or family member, attend a doctor’s appointment, and more.

Models of LG televisions available with Independa’s CloudCare are all HD TVs (1080p) and available in various sizes from 32″ to 55″.