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Enhancing the relationship between grandparents and your children

Do you treasure memories of the time you spent with your grandparents as a kid? Maybe you called them excitedly to share straight-A report cards, or maybe you even spent summers with them. If you were lucky enough to have your grandparents with you as an adult, they likely occupied special seats at your graduation, wedding and other milestones in life.

If time with your grandparents is among your fondest memories, you’re not alone. Research indicates that when grandparents and their grandchildren are close, both generations benefit.

Involved grandparents, happy grandchildren

Research has shown that children tend to be happier when their grandparents play an active role in their upbringing, the American Grandparents Association notes.

A recent survey from Oxford University and the Institute of Education in London found that grandparents who are involved on a daily basis contribute to the well-being of grandchildren. The research also found that grandparents played a significant role during periods of family adversity, and they helped their entire families weather crises.

Grandfather and grandchild hug

Grandparents: Seeing the world through young eyes

The benefits of intergenerational interaction aren’t limited to grandchildren. The Healthy Aging Partnership of Puget Sound notes that seniors also benefit from spending time with grandchildren. Interacting with children and teens helps older adults relate to other generations, encourages them to learn about new technologies and provides them with opportunities to serve as role models.

And the stimulation of viewing the world through younger people’s eyes can encourage seniors to be more active, which can improve their health, fend off boredom and even reduce depression.


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