As scientists hunt for effective ways to slow the effects of aging on the human body, genetics have emerged as the most viable route to understanding what makes our bodies change as we get older. Specifically, Wired reports that a breakthrough in the study of “caps” at the end of individual strands of DNA could provide the most useful information to inspire anti-aging treatments based on hard science.

Called telomeres, the ends of DNA deteriorate over time, leading to the noticeable signs of aging.

“Think of them like the plastic tips at the end of your shoelaces,” writes Noel Thomas Patton, the founder of T.A. Sciences, a research firm that studies the genetic dimension of aging. “When those plastic tips wear down, your shoelaces become frayed and no longer work as well. Telomeres function in a similar fashion, by protecting the strands of DNA that make up our chromosomes and allowing our cells to function and reproduce properly.”

While scientists have known about the connection between telomeres and the aging process for decades, recent studies have proliferated the field to determine appropriate treatments that help reduce the signs of getting older. The research area became particularly popular after a group of scientists won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for telomere research, explains Patton.

Many cosmetic procedures and treatments are designed to mask the effects of aging without truly slowing them. With telomere research, it’s possible more treatments on the market will help support wellness, rather than simply improving exterior appearances.

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