With approximately 90 percent of elderly Americans preferring to age in place, developing ways to accommodate this desire while maintaining constant communication and keeping track of vital information regarding each care recipient is a challenge all care managers will have to meet. And, with the increased adoption of technology-enabled eldercare solutions that can be accessed remotely, that seemingly impossibly task may be achieved.

"From GPS devices and computer programs that help relatives track a wandering Alzheimer's patient to iPad apps that help an autistic child communicate, a growing number of tools for the smartphone, the tablet and the laptop are catering to beleaguered caregivers," wrote the Associated Press and the Associated Press Managing Editors in a joint exploration of how the tide of aging Baby Boomers will affect society at large.

As we've previously discussed on this blog, the innovative field of telehealth is expanding at a rapid rate to meet the demands of care managers and recipients.These advancements, which incorporate technology like remote monitoring and medical reminders, could play a crucial role in enabling professionals to expand the scope of their services and adapt to the influx without taking away from the attentive care they currently deliver to at-home and in-house care recipients.

Though new apps have surfaced to assist with certain aspects of eldercare, Independa offers a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the many tasks care managers are faced with each day. Track all of your residents or home-based clients with our Caregiver Web App, schedule medication reminders and solicit those in your care to respond so you can ensure that your instructions are followed.

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