With the rise of the so-called “Internet of Things,” seniors will have more options for aging where they wish. From enhancing safety to monitoring health and communicating with caregivers and loved ones, this connected network of physical objects will benefit seniors in a number of ways.

What are some of the new connected technologies seniors can incorporate as part of a vibrant aging lifestyle?

Wearables and health monitoring

In the past few years, the use of health monitoring devices has surged. Experts have projected sales of 50 million wireless consumer devices for monitoring health by 2017. The growing demand reflects a desire by consumers to record and analyze their own health metrics and to manage their care in their choice of environments.

Meanwhile, more seniors are embracing wearable personal monitoring devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch. As the devices evolve, they have significant potential to provide functionality like security and fall monitoring for seniors. In addition, such devices already can monitor a variety of health and fitness markers, including sleep quality, heart rate and steps taken each day.

Smart home tech

Big-name technology companies are racing to capture the smart-home industry, and seniors constitute a major market for the resulting innovations. Smart doorbells, Internet-connected intercoms, smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and smart lighting are among the many options that now can be controlled with a smartphone app or from a computer.


Few activities in life are more important to seniors than staying connected to loved ones. IndependaTV™ provides seniors with a high-technology solution that’s as easy to use as watching a favorite television program.

As the first and only TV that provides a range of services specifically for seniors, IndependaTV™ incorporates a user-friendly interface known as Angela to help seniors communicate with loved ones through video chat and messaging. Seniors also can easily access services like medication and appointment reminders. Family members, meanwhile, can check in on their senior relative through a convenient dashboard accessible via smartphone or desktop computer.

senior couple enjoying independatv

The Internet of Things: Providing options for seniors

By 2020, the network known as the Internet of Things is expected to comprise some 212 billion connected devices and contribute $8.9 trillion to the global economy. Seniors can expect increasing levels of security, convenience and comfort as they embrace these amazing new technologies.

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