Although advancements in telecare stand to benefit care managers and their recipients in myriad ways, many professionals in this field may have reservations about introducing such innovations. This often stems from a concern that elderly care recipients may be intimidated by the change, or could struggle with the adoption process. However, given that resources like Independa’s CloudCare solutions can promote connectivity within eldercare communities while helping overburdened care managers better allocate their resources, it is in the best interest of all involved to overcome this obstacle.

When introducing new technology to older care recipients, you can preempt common obstacles and misconceptions by focusing on these key points:

Focus on the familiar

Introduce new technology as an extension of the devices and web-based services that your care recipients already have experience with. By reassuring learners that they have a basic understanding to work from, you can enable them to feel more secure and confident in their ability to adopt something new. Independa’s eldercare technology is accessible through LG televisions, therefore working through an appliance that has been in American homes for generations.

In addition, a recent report from Pew Research entitled “Senior Citizens and Digital Technology” revealed that approximately 81 percent of Americans over the age of 75 use e-mail, and that figure increases for younger care recipients. Independa uses email, along with video chat and Facebook, to empower senior living residents and home-based care recipients to reach out to caregivers and loved ones easily.

Focus on the human side

Care recipients – particularly those receiving at-home elderly care – may be averse to new technology because they prefer human contact. To overcome this, make it clear that digital tools such as video chat actually provide the means to strengthen their relationships and increase the degree of socialization in their lives. When first introducing this feature to a care recipient, consider scheduling a call with a loved one to impress this point and establish a positive association.

Focus on the experience itself

Ultimately, telecare solutions were designed to improve the quality of life for care recipients. As such, every aspect of Independa’s eldercare software, from medical reminders to the storytelling features, has been intuitively developed to integrate seamlessly into the lives of care managers, givers and recipients alike. Instead of casting this technology as a means to an end, you can focus on how enjoyable Independa’s eldercare innovations can be. Pay as much attention to the stimulating brain teasers and web-browsing capabilities of these solutions as you do the clinical aspects, and your care recipients may be more eager to master it.

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