One of the biggest problems facing the senior care industry is attracting and retaining qualified medical professionals to care for patients in their homes. And one of the biggest problems for those medical professionals, in turn, is coping with the vast array of required technological devices and procedures while maintaining compliance with state and federal licensing/certification requirements.

In a hospital setting, a nurse or other medical professional typically becomes well-acquainted with the technologies, techniques, policies and procedures used in that particular care setting. In visiting patients’ homes, however, those same professionals are expected to interpret and implement detailed instructions, often with insufficient guidance, for using unfamiliar and highly technical equipment. Such situations can lead to liability issues for the medical professional along with job dissatisfaction that can result in seeking employment elsewhere.

IndependaTVe™ provides a better, simpler way for home health care companies to incorporate technology into their caregiving. This easy-to-use technology solution offers multiple benefits for patients and the medical professionals who care for them.

independatv offers many different apps to assist seniors

Consistency for all users

User-friendly software known as Angela guides the adoption of IndependaTVe™ for both patients and caregivers. The result is a consistent interface that supports users in accomplishing their goals quickly and with a minimal learning curve.

Better patient education

Medical providers can easily deliver educational and informational videos to patients providing instruction on how to take medications and care for wounds, leading to fewer misunderstandings, fewer errors and reducing hospital readmission occurrence. . Condition specific videos such as for heart failure and diabetes can be reviewed at the patient’s pace to reinforce and augment in person education sessions.

Better patient monitoring

Caregivers can use the video chat connection in IndependaTVe™ to check in on patients more frequently. Consistent monitoring can allow caregivers to spot and act on potential problems or situations.

Better support for independent living

Functionality like remote medication reminders in IndependaTVe™ supports patients’ independence and allows them to age in the environment of their choice.

Better patient interaction with providers

Keeping communication channels open and centralized can increase trust and reduce costs across the board for both patients,home medical and care providers.

Effective & efficient senior care requires changes

To attract and retain highly valuable, exceptionally qualified medical professionals, home health care agencies should consider consolidating technology. Providing user-friendly solutions like IndependaTVe™ can benefit patients and caregivers in a number of ways.

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