Today’s senior living communities have evolved in a number of ways, with many bearing more similarities to country clubs than to retirement homes of the past.

The concept of comprehensive, all-encompassing services and amenities has taken root in the industry, and seniors now have multiple options when it comes to choosing a living environment. What are the major differences attracting active seniors to the industry today?

More variety

In every area of modern senior living communities, residents encounter possibilities for choice and variety. Most communities now feature multiple dining venues with a plethora of options, from a casual burger to a formal, full-service dinner. Activities also run the gamut, including everything from woodworking to day trips to water aerobics.

Residents also have multiple choices in their residences. In many communities, they can choose between cottages and apartments along with selecting from a vast array of finishes and upgrades.

Better technology

With nearly everyone carrying around a mobile device these days, many senior living communities have set up fast Wi-Fi connections throughout their campuses. In some cases, multiple networks are provided, with one secured for residents’ use and another for guests and staff.

Many communities also are providing IndependaTVe™, which allows residents to stay connected and engaged with loved ones. Using just a familiar TV remote control and the user-friendly software known as Angela, seniors can use video chat and messaging to keep in touch with family members, share photos and keep track of appointments and medication reminders.

woman watching independatv in her room

Beautiful, comfortable environments

Today’s senior living communities look much less clinical and much more like home, with beautiful interior design, comfortable furniture, flexible common spaces and numerous amenities. Art, water features and designer lighting often serve to welcome residents and guests to lobbies, fitness centers, dining rooms and auditoriums.

Times are changing in senior living

Senior communities have come a long way from the sterile, often indistinguishable environment of years past. With choices galore, helpful technology like IndependaTVe™ and beautiful, welcoming environments, today’s communities feel like home.


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