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Independa, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is the recognized leader in remote engagement, education and care. Independa’s award-winning PaaS (Platform as a Service) software leverages the TV to help people stay at their residence of choice longer, safer and more comfortably, delaying or even eliminating the next episode of care.  For Consumers, the Independa Health Hub® delivers an ecosystem of healthy offerings and benefits, all integrated within LG Electronics TVs – telehealth access to doctors, dentists and mental health professionals; video on demand content across a wide range of benefits, including WebMD medical content, exercise videos, faith-based videos, educational videos, entertainment content, and more;  in-home lab tests;  free access to a pharmacy discount card, games, and many other features such as simplified video chat, photo and message sharing.

For organizations, Independa Enterprise increases organizational effectiveness and efficiencies, allowing staff to do more with less, creating operational efficiencies through a wide range of integrated applications and services as related to remote engagement with the client.  Markets served include PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly), Senior Living, Short Term Rehab, Home Care, and Hospitals, as well as Managed Care environments, such as in Medicare Advantage, Population Health, and Remote Patient Monitoring – all through a HIPAA compliant,  fully integrated Remote Social and Clinical Engagement, Education and Care platform.

Additionally, for hospitals, Independa Patient Education and Surveys has built-in pillow speaker integration and mitigates hospital readmission risks while importantly improving patient satisfaction scores, enhancing Medicare reimbursements, all the while enhancing patient satisfaction and improving outcomes.

Independa positively impacts organizations’ top line, bottom line, and brand differentiation. The company has raised more than US $20 million in funding and received numerous awards and recognitions, including “Technology for a Better World” from the Consumer Electronics Show, “100 Brilliant Companies” by Entrepreneur magazine, “Most Innovative Product of the Year, Global”, from Best in Biz Awards, International, “Most Innovative Product” from CONNECT and “Best Practices Award” from Frost & Sullivan. The company enjoys a strategic partnership and investments from LG Electronics.

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Independa’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response

It’s been our mission and passion since our founding in 2009 to provide the world’s most flexible, easiest to use solution for remote engagement, education and care.  For our elderly population, this means addressing the very real and debilitating challenges related to social isolation.  Today more than ever, it’s vital to easily and cost effectively enable older adults to engage with the world socially, emotionally, clinically, educationally, and more.

In this spirit, Independa is doing all we can to support our customers and new prospects to leverage our TV-based solution for remote engagement – including simplified video chat, picture sharing, messaging, calendar reminders, and a variety of other integrated features and benefits.  Our Independa Health Hub®, integrated within LG Electronics TVs from 2021 onward, provides consumers a wide range of free services, includes message sharing, photo sharing, games, and simplified video chat (requires a chat cam), amongst other free services such as a pharmacy discount card, tech tips educational videos, entertainment programing for older adults, and more.  We continue to passionately do all we can to mitigate the challenges of isolation, challenges which sadly have always been there but are now only exacerbated “post COVID-19”.

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