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Healthy and Fun Spring Activities for Seniors

As winter comes to an end it’s time for everyone’s favorite season, Spring! The air is starting to get warmer, birds are starting to sing, and the flowers are starting to bloom; so, get out and enjoy it! Regardless of your age, there are tons of activities to help you stay active and enjoy the weather. Here are just a few fun spring activities seniors can enjoy:


  • Walking – Make walking a part of your daily routine. Walking is a great exercise for seniors, so choose a local park, nature trail, or even your own neighborhood, and get outside! Even better, grab a friend and make it a social activity you can look forward to every day.
  • Spring Cleaning – Living in a cluttered space is not only unappealing to the eye but can also increase your stress levels. Spend a few days going through your belongings and donate anything you don’t need. Soon your home will be clean, and you’ll get to revisit old memories along the way.
  • Gardening – Gardening is another great way to get some exercise and enjoy the nice weather. It also reduces stress levels and promotes flexibility and endurance. Visit your local nursery to see the wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants they offer. We recommend planting fruits and vegetables for some fresh ingredients for your favorite dishes.
  • Farmers Market – Farmers Markets are a great place to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and pick up some unique crafts and organic produce. You can go in with a recipe in mind, or just wander and see what everyone is selling!
  • Fishing – Whether you are mobile or in a wheelchair, fishing is a great activity anyone can enjoy. Head to a pier, bridge, creek, or river and let the relaxation and great weather make your day.
  • Volunteering – It’s always a great day to volunteer! Helping the less fortunate not only benefits them, but makes you feel good as well. Check google for volunteer opportunities in your area.
  • Grandkids – Kids love being outside! Pack a picnic basket, take them to the park, fly a kite, or feed the geese! It’s sure to be a fun time for you both of you. If you’re too far to visit them, Independa is a wonderfully simplistic option. From anywhere you are, you can easily get in contact with them and be with them as if you were right next to them.
  • Bird Watching – Birds are beautiful creatures and are very fun to watch. Invest in a bird feeder (or build your own), and eventually you’ll have blue jays and hummingbirds flying around your backyard!

  • 5 New Year Resolutions for a Happy and Healthy 2018

    2017 is close to coming to an end and it feels like 2016 was just yesterday. To some, it may just seem like another year, but to others, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. With January 1st closing in, take these final days of December to reflect on your 2017. What did you achieve? What could you have done better? Are you happy with your health? Did you spend enough time with your loved ones? With so much to consider, setting reasonable New Years Resolutions can be quite difficult. If you want your 2018 to be the year of better health, better relationships, and better well-being then consider these New Year Resolutions:

    Increase Physical Activity

    Staying active is key to feeling young and aging healthily. This doesn’t mean all your free time should be spent in the gym, but rather a light exercise for a brief period every day. There are tons of exercise programs out there specifically designed for seniors such as yoga, water aerobics, and circuit classes. At the bare minimum, we recommend taking a 10-minute walk every day. Walking is one of the best ways for seniors to stay fit. It’s proven to strengthen muscles, help with osteoporosis, improve circulation, and assist in weight loss.

    Reach Out To An Old Friend

    It’s normal to lose a couple friends as we get older. But it’s never too late to revive a past friendship. In the past, it may have been much more difficult to keep in touch, but thanks to advances in technology rekindling old friendships couldn’t be easier. Set New Year resolutions to reach out to a couple old friends and set a date to hang out and catch up. Chances are, they’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

    Spend More Time With Your Grandchildren

    They say you don’t know what happiness is until you’ve had grandchildren. And they’re right! How can you not light up when you see their adorable faces? Unfortunately, some people don’t have the ability to drive up the street to see their bundles of joy. Thankfully, Independa is an incredible solution that can bring you closer to your family anytime, anywhere! If you don’t want to miss out on their special moments and golden years, Independa can keep you connected.

    Work Out Your Brain

    Muscle mass isn’t the only thing we lose over time. Just like working out at the gym, our brains need exercise too. Researchers believe that consistent mental exercise is vital to a healthy memory and strong cognitive thinking. This year, strengthen your mind by learning an instrument, take a cooking class, register for an online course, do puzzles, or anything that can sharpen your thinking skills.

    Speak Up

    We left this for last because this is incredibly important. A  study found that 10 percent of adults 55 to 85 years of age experience anxiety in the same prevalence among other age groups. This can be characterized by feelings of loneliness, worry, irritability, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and loss of appetite. This poses a risk particularly for seniors as they’ve experienced hard loss, suffer more pain due to chronic diseases, and side effects from medication. If you are experiencing these symptoms for more than two weeks we recommend speaking up to your friends, family, and physician.

    2018 is going to be a tough year. There will be many up and many downs but all we can do is focus on becoming a better version of our past selves. If you want to grow and thrive this year we recommend starting with the New Year resolutions mentioned above. Have any other helpful New Year Resolution suggestions? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook page.

    Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

    Wintertime and the holiday season are now in full effect. Every street looks different with the snowcapped trees and blistering winds and there is this shared feeling of comfort that everyone enjoys during the winter season. However, this beautiful time does have one slight drawback and that is the fact that the winters are very dangerous for the elderly. Cold weather and slick roads and sidewalks can cause many injuries and illnesses for seniors. But this shouldn’t mean they can’t go outside and enjoy this beautiful season. To make sure that every senior out there enjoys this winter season, we have compiled a list of helpful winter safety tips to help prevent common hazards among seniors this winter.

    Watch Your Step

    The first and one of the most important winter safety tips which every senior citizen should consider is keeping a shrewd eye out for icy steps and pavements. This is one of the most dangerous aspects of the winters as even walking becomes dangerous. Falls are already the leading cause of deaths and injuries among seniors such as broken bones, head trauma, and other major injuries. This is exactly why every senior should make sure that they do not walk dangerous paths. When the temperature drops, the risk factor increases so please try your level best to keep all of you pathways clear of snow. Furthermore, make sure you’re wearing shoes with exceptional traction. When you re-enter your home, take your shoes off before you come in as tracking snow into your home can create slippery conditions inside.

    Keep Warm and Cozy

    The winter season isn’t just beautiful snow and chilly temperatures. Most days the winds will be harsh and intense, and due to this, many people tend to fall ill. Cold temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. This applies to every age group, but seniors hold more risk in this aspect. If you don’t take care of yourself and stay warm, then there is a very high chance that you will get sick, leading to more severe illnesses. For seniors, we would recommend that they spend time outdoors only during the warmest part of the day and to keep your home thermometer at a comfortable temperature (at least 68°) at all times. Furthermore, when you do go outside, make sure to the appropriate clothing. Do not underestimate how cold it is, it’s better to be overprepared than sick.

    Don’t Strain Yourself

    Another crucial winter safety tip that every senior should consider during the winters is to keep all of their strenuous activities down to a bare minimum. We understand that with this season comes a lot of housework that won’t do itself. But you need to remember your body isn’t what it used to be. Overstraining your body is an even bigger risk during the winter season as the cold makes people weak. If you must go outside and doing strenuous activities, make sure you’re pace yourself and periodically go back inside to warm up.

    Finally we would also recommend that every elderly keep in touch with their doctors during the winters. The intense cold makes our immune system weak and this is exactly why so many people fall ill during the winters! We really hope that all of our safety tips help all the elderly out there enjoy the holiday season as they deserve this more than anything. Is there anything we missed? Let us know on our Facebook page.

    Choosing the Right Gifts for Your Grandchildren

    Just when you finally think that you understand what love and joy are, along come grandchildren! Every grandparent out there understands what perfect love really is when they meet their grandchildren for the first time. There is nothing in this world that is more wonderful then the love shared between grandparents and grandchildren, this love is nothing but pure love!

    Now, since the festive season is finally here, every grandchild out there is expecting something special from their idols. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of unspoken secrets which will help every grandparent choose the perfect gifts! These secrets are as follows:

    Spoiling your grandchildren is not a smart choice

    Every grandparent out there loves their grandchild more than anything; this love often clouds their judgment when it comes to spoiling the little ones. This means that every grandparent should first ask their immediate children what they think is fine to gift their children. Please remember as a grandparent you have an integral role in the child’s upbringing so never overspend on them! Your gift should be a token of your love; it should not be something that might overshadow what their parents might gift them.

    Consider your grandchildren’s age before choosing your gifts

    The second secret which every grandparent should consider is the fact that choosing an age-appropriate gift is crucial for your grandchildren. Children, do not understand age restrictions and often want something which is not for their age group. Of course, if you gift something which is not age appropriate, you might become a hero in the eyes of your grandchildren but you are actually doing more harm than good. There is a reason why so many toys have age restrictions and these restrictions are exactly why you should consider your child’s age before buying it.

    Consider gifts of experience

    Instead of spending staggering amounts of money on just gifts, we would also recommend gifting your grandchildren something that would stay etched in their memory. If you buy your grandchildren a gadget or anything, this gift will not live forever; however, a special experience will. We would recommend taking your grandchildren on a fishing trip or to the zoo: anything that you know will help build a special bond between you and your grandchildren. This experience is how you can show your grandchildren how much you really love them, something you can never achieve in a tangible gift.

    Consider gifting your time

    The last unspoken secret, which every grandparent should know is the significance of gifting your time to your grandchildren. Every grandchild idolizes their grandparents and they cherish every moment spent together. This festive season is the perfect time for you to drop everything and dedicate your time to the little ones. This means being there for them every moment of the day and keeping them happy with your company. With Independa, distance is never an issue. You are one of the few faces that your grandchildren will love seeing on Christmas day. So make sure you don’t miss a second of bonding time and invest in the gift that keeps giving all year, Independa! Trust us when we say that nothing can compare to the joy of spending quality time with your grandchildren!

    We hope that all of these tips helps every grandparent out there choose a gift that will radiate their love and affection for their little ones! Is there anything we missed? Make sure to let us know on our Facebook page.


    Talking Points for Loved Ones When Talking About Elderly Home Care Services

    It isn’t always easy to convince the elderly of how home care services will be a better alternative for them. Most often than not, it comes off as if you want to get rid of them, although you just want them to live better lives.

    If you are going through a similar problem, you’ll be happy to know that we have a home care solution for you. The following are a few talking points that will help you convince your elderly relatives that they would be better off with home care solutions, without hurting their feelings.

    Show Compassion

    The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is stand in the shoes of your elderly loved ones and see the situation from their point of view. See what things may bother them. You can even sit down with them and have an open talk so that they can tell you what exactly their concerns are. You can further tackle those concerns in the process.

    Their Independence

    Being independent is one of the most crucial concerns for the elderly. After a life of complete independence, they often find it embarrassing to rely on their children to navigate through the confusing changes of life. Asking for assistance can be hard for some and this should never be an issue for your loved one.

    They think that they are hindering your life and that feeling is unbearable for some. The best thing to do for this is showing them that they can be independent. They still want to feel like they have control of their lives. Don’t you want your loved one living to their fullest without your assistance? With Independa, you can preserve their independence no matter where you are.

    Keep Them Involved

    Don’t just opt for a home care solution and let them know about it. It is the elderly who will be living it, not you! This is why it is of utmost importance that you keep them involved in every decision that you make regarding the shift.

    The best way to do this is to talk them through all their options and let them make an informed decision. The best way to do this is to include them when reviewing home care solutions and to let them choose the one that they love the most. Let them know that opting for an option from the bunch is their decision to make and they will get to choose what they like most.

    Let Someone Else Talk

    Doing all the talking yourself isn’t always necessary. It often happens that your parents are more likely to listen to someone else more than you. It may be their best friend, a qualified professional, or even your sibling,

    If you think that someone else will be able to convince them better, let that person do the talking. Your parents are more likely to listen to them. Just make sure they address the other key talking points as well.


    This topic isn’t always the easiest to talk about. No one likes feeling like a burden. These talking points can help you easily convince your parents to opt for a home care solution like Independa. Have any other talking points? Share with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook.


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    • Our guests use the video chat and photo and message sharing features of Independa to stay connected with their families. In fact this week we admitted a guest who has a daughter in Georgia and another in Italy. I spoke with the daughter about how to share photos and messages and to make video calls from her Independa device, and later went to see the guest about how it was going. She said to me “Kelly this video chat is so cool! I don’t care how long I have to be in here now because I can see my daughters!” It’s just amazing to see one of our guests be able to connect with a loved one all the way from Italy!

      Kelly Miles, Director of Rec Therapy
    • You don’t need to keep calling me now to remind me, my TV just told me to take my medication!

      93 Year Old Independa User
    • I love that Dad can get digital photos now. He didn’t want a Facebook account so the only time he would see any photos was when we came over to visit and we’d show him on our iPhone. Now he gets them himself on the TV all the time, and when people come to visit him he proudly shows them his photo album on the TV.

      USA Properties
    • I’ve been using video chat and it has opened up my world – my family who live close by still visit once a week, but now I get to see them every day. I also get to see the rest of the family who live interstate and can’t come to visit. I also video chat with old friends who I haven’t seen for years. It has made such a big difference to my life, I don’t feel isolated anymore. I highly recommend this to other people; it really does change your life.

      USA Properties
    • I live in California, my 80 year-old dad lives in Texas and my 21 year-old daughter lives in Colorado. My daughter spends all her time on social media using her smart phone, whereas my dad spends all his time watching TV, he doesn’t understand social media and doesn’t have a smart phone. Independa is great because not only does it bring us closer despite the geographical distance between us, it bridges the gap between the generations because it uses the technology they are most comfortable with.

      USA Properties
    • We use the video chat feature in the resident’s TV to get the entire circle of care together at once; we will have the nurse and the physical therapist in the room with the resident, and we will then video call their family. That way everyone who is involved in their care gets the same message at the same time and can ask questions while we are present so there is no confusion. One time when we were working with a deaf resident, we were able to arrange for her daughter to sign via video chat and translate what we were saying and the questions her mother had; it made such a huge difference.

      Wellbridge at Brighton
    • My dad was on the Honor Flight to DC today. An amazing trip for a veteran. I was able to meet him at the Korean War Memorial. He is a Korean War veteran. I was able to send pictures of the entire experience to my mom at home throughout the day. Mom was thrilled, and when my dad gets home he has all the pictures from his trip on his TV and can even play a slideshow. Amazing!!! Thank you!

      Kendal At Home
    • Video chat on the TV is great! I was using FaceTime on my iPad to see the grandkids and I thought that was the greatest thing, but seeing them all on the big TV is truly incredible, it’s like they are in the room with me. I love it!

      USA Properties
    • When Lillian broke her hip a week before her Grandson’s wedding, she and the family were broken hearted because they thought she would have to miss this very special day. Thankfully, she had chosen Wellbridge of Brighton for her short-term rehab. “I’m going to my Grandson’s wedding” she proudly told the staff as she received the video call through her TV and was instantly ‘seated’ in the front row for the ceremony!

      Wellbridge of Brighton
    • I travel a lot for work. I used to worry myself sick about not being able to be there if Mom needed me. She says the smartphone I got her is too small, too complicated, and hard to see, but she loves using Independa. Now she can see all her shows and we can video chat so I can make sure she’s taking her medicine. It’s such a relief to check in anytime and know she’s OK.

      Laura P.