The pandemic forced healthcare companies to develop a bigger brand presence on social media platforms to engage with potential candidates. As a result, they found the advantages of online recruitment:

  • Reaching a wider and more targeted audience.
  • Reducing time to hire.
  • Creating a better candidate experience.
  • Improving hiring efficiencies.

But the job isn’t done with just a single post on social media.

Senior healthcare companies need to be transparent about their mission and values, as well as their positive impact on their community and the work culture they impart. This way, quality candidates that align with the organization’s interests would be more likely attracted to apply.

Today it’s crucial to optimize the company’s website because it often represents a candidate’s first impression of the organization. Additionally, the application process should be designed to be easy and quick – this will encourage them to take the next step into your company.

Furthermore, a thorough background check is crucial in the hiring process because of the nature of the job.

This article by Page Cerulli provides tips to improve recruitment strategies in your elderly care agency.

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