Just when you finally think that you understand what love and joy are, along come grandchildren! Every grandparent out there understands what perfect love really is when they meet their grandchildren for the first time. There is nothing in this world that is more wonderful then the love shared between grandparents and grandchildren, this love is nothing but pure love!

Now, since the festive season is finally here, every grandchild out there is expecting something special from their idols. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of unspoken secrets which will help every grandparent choose the perfect gifts! These secrets are as follows:

Spoiling your grandchildren is not a smart choice

Every grandparent out there loves their grandchild more than anything; this love often clouds their judgment when it comes to spoiling the little ones. This means that every grandparent should first ask their immediate children what they think is fine to gift their children. Please remember as a grandparent you have an integral role in the child’s upbringing so never overspend on them! Your gift should be a token of your love; it should not be something that might overshadow what their parents might gift them.

Consider your grandchildren’s age before choosing your gifts

The second secret which every grandparent should consider is the fact that choosing an age-appropriate gift is crucial for your grandchildren. Children, do not understand age restrictions and often want something which is not for their age group. Of course, if you gift something which is not age appropriate, you might become a hero in the eyes of your grandchildren but you are actually doing more harm than good. There is a reason why so many toys have age restrictions and these restrictions are exactly why you should consider your child’s age before buying it.

Consider gifts of experience

Instead of spending staggering amounts of money on just gifts, we would also recommend gifting your grandchildren something that would stay etched in their memory. If you buy your grandchildren a gadget or anything, this gift will not live forever; however, a special experience will. We would recommend taking your grandchildren on a fishing trip or to the zoo: anything that you know will help build a special bond between you and your grandchildren. This experience is how you can show your grandchildren how much you really love them, something you can never achieve in a tangible gift.

Consider gifting your time

The last unspoken secret, which every grandparent should know is the significance of gifting your time to your grandchildren. Every grandchild idolizes their grandparents and they cherish every moment spent together. This festive season is the perfect time for you to drop everything and dedicate your time to the little ones. This means being there for them every moment of the day and keeping them happy with your company. With Independa, distance is never an issue. You are one of the few faces that your grandchildren will love seeing on Christmas day. So make sure you don’t miss a second of bonding time and invest in the gift that keeps giving all year, Independa! Trust us when we say that nothing can compare to the joy of spending quality time with your grandchildren!

We hope that all of these tips helps every grandparent out there choose a gift that will radiate their love and affection for their little ones! Is there anything we missed? Make sure to let us know on our Facebook page.


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