Baby boomers coming into your senior living community are likely to be on top of the latest technology. In fact, research indicates that boomers make up the fastest-growing group of smartphone owners, and they constitute a third of all Internet users.

For your older residents, though, the story may be quite different. AARP reports that 15 percent of adults in the United States, about 37 million people, don’t use the Web; many of those people are older seniors. Unfortunately, these seniors may be missing out on technology that could enhance their lives. What are the technologies that can most benefit seniors, and how can you get the hesitant among your resident population on board?

Wearable technologies

Your residents may be surprised how much they love the new wearable technologies. Fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone Up track steps and sleep, and they provide gentle prompts if activity falls off — or kudos for exceeding personal norms. Apple Watch and Android Wear go a step further, giving users access to a variety of helpful apps.



One of the great features of IndependaTVe™ is its ease of use. If your residents watch TV, they already know how to use IndependaTVe™. In minutes, they can be video chatting with children and grandchildren, who log in to the intuitive dashboard via their desktops or smartphones.

The Internet

While more than half of seniors overall are online, the ones who aren’t tend to be in the older group. Many simply haven’t tried it, and many really don’t want to. But for those who are open to learning something new, the Internet can reveal a whole new world of news, information, historical resources and distance learning.

Persuading the tech-wary

The best way to persuade residents who haven’t yet jumped into the tech world is to get them to dip in a toe. Start with something that’s extremely easy to use like IndependaTVe™. Once seniors gain a little confidence in their tech abilities, they may be fully on board in no time.

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