Connecting to The Hardest to Reach Patients
Imagine having access to patients through their TVs if you are a doctor, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, or behavioral health professional.

Healthcare and insurance systems can now quickly and easily leverage the Independa Health Hub to enable existing telehealth and telemedicine solutions to provide vital TV-based access and engagement to those most in need, and the hardest to reach.

This demographic is also the most susceptible to COVID, chronic conditions, and after health challenges, and is the most challenging for healthcare professionals to engage with as computer access has not always been possible or viable.

About the Independa Health Hub
Whether for PACE, population, health, managed care, ACOs, hospital readmission penalties, bundled payments, value-based payments, Independa Health Hub’s TV-based solutions offer cost-effective remote engagement, education, compliance, and visibility to catch little things before they become big, expensive problems.

And with COVID-era changes to HIPAA and other guidelines, episodic engagements are now billable via video chat. Click download below to see why Independa was chosen as Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution in 2020 and was featured as the cover article for this annual award.

…all from a single, HIPAA compliant, award-winning platform. And all for an affordable, fixed subscription price.

Life, Connected™