Independa Launches Friends and Family Solution for Effortless Setup of Turnkey Social Connectivity

Ignites Innovative New Business Model for Transitional Care with Unheard of 2 Minute Set-Up

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (February 21, 2014) –Independa, Inc. (, the leader in integrated resident-facing technologies, today launched a streamlined Friends and Family setup version of its award-winning Enterprise solution for remote care. Independa Friends and Family is specifically designed for the high-paced environment of short term rehab communities who are emerging as key players in transitional care delivery.

Friends and Family offers care facilities and organizations a fast and convenient plug n’ play version of the integrated Independa platform. Independa Friends and Family sets up in less than 2 minutes and offers turnkey social connectivity between rehab residents and their family and friends.  Video chat, photo-sharing, Gmail, and Facebook produce instant, effortless yet powerful connectivity to an individual’s circle of care, and importantly expands the universe of social engagement available to care recipients during their short stay. All of this is delivered through an Independa-embedded LG Electronics HD TV in a cost effective subscription model, branded for each Enterprise.

“As leaders in this explosive growth market, Independa is introducing yet another groundbreaking innovation that sets the standard for ease of deployment by enterprise users. The important social connectivity offered by Independa Friends and Family instantly empowers the family support machine that is so critical to the care of our residents,” said Michael Perry, Chief Operating Officer of The WellBridge Group, which offers state of the art post-acute rehabilitations and nursing care and communities that dramatically improve the hospital to the home experience and outcome. “Demonstrating keen market insight, Independa Friends and Family syncs perfectly with the current trend in applying technology to better manage the costs of Hospital to Home transitions, and is playing a key role in our strategy of leveraging technology to help our patients have the utmost healing experience at WellBridge.”

“With Independa Friends and Family, Rehab facilities can introduce a powerful yet simple solution to promote wellness, social connectivity and healing during the short term stay and pave the way for a new standard in Short Term Rehab care,” said Independa CEO, Kian Saneii.  “As an enterprise-centric company, we have designed Independa Friends and Family to be an effortless and yet powerful and scalable solution for Rehab Facilities of any size and geographic reach to expand their offerings and competitive advantage, while exceeding their key business objectives.”

About Independa, Inc.
Independa, Inc. offers senior care providers an integrated, easy to use technology-enabled independent living solution, including an option for the world’s first and only TV with embedded remote care services — offered through Independa’s strategic partnership with LG Electronics, global leaders in Commercial TVs. Independa award winning solutions are redefining independence with a unique and compelling blend of proactive technologies, helping organizations and family caregivers extend and enhance the independence of care recipients at their residence of choice. Independa offers a uniquely holistic system driven by our Caregiver Web Application, “Angela” for the care recipient (offered via a television), and a centrally managed integrated monitoring solution connecting across third party health, home and safety devices and sensors. No computer skills or training are required by the care recipient.

Independa B2B enterprise solutions offer an integrated and proactive approach to remote caregiving. We partner with a broad range of care providers to enable more efficient, yet more effective remote care. Our solutions enable senior care providers to expand care services and enhance profitability, without adding staff. Independa customers include senior living facilities, nursing homes (rehab and long term care focused) homecare organizations, and enterprises offering remote care services for individuals in their residence.

Press Contact
Maria Myers
Independa, Inc.
San Diego, CA 92130
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