When tech industry veteran Kian Saneii began helping to care for his aging grandparents, he was shocked to discover a dearth of technological solutions catering to seniors. That all changed in 2009, when Saneii began brainstorming what would become IndependaTV™, a software platform that allows seniors to use their own TVs to connect with loved ones and access a variety of services.

Recently, Entrepreneur magazine recognized Independa as one of its “100 Brilliant Companies.” Senior living executives, too, are recognizing IndependaTV™ as technology they can’t afford to be without for the vast array of benefits it brings to residents and staff alike.

The dangers of isolation

Social isolation: Know the facts

As anyone who works with seniors knows all too well, being around other people doesn’t always ward off feelings of loneliness and isolation. Psychologists have found loneliness is an interior experience that’s subjective to each individual, as New Republic notes.

And a pervasive sense of loneliness and isolation can lead to all manner of health problems, notes A Place for Mom. Seniors who are socially isolated have twice the risk of early death, studies have found, with a mortality rate that rivals smoking and that’s almost twice as deadly as obesity. Isolation can damage the immune system and worsen inflammation, which can contribute to a range of ills including heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Staying connected with IndependaTVe

Even in the setting of an active residential community, seniors can feel lonely and isolated, experts say. With limited mobility, they may have trouble making new friends or pursuing their interests. Having no loved ones nearby can worsen the situation.

Around the country, senior living communities are installing IndependaTVe™ in residences. With just a familiar TV remote and the friendly software interface named Angela, seniors can enjoy video chats with loved ones, see messages and pictures, and view their medication reminders and appointments.


Giving a hand to staff

In addition to providing a user-friendly way for seniors to stay in touch with their loved ones, IndependaTVe™ also acts as an extra hand for busy senior community staff members. Through the system, seniors or senior living staff can input health measurements so that family or other staff members can view the information from their dashboards.

IndependaTVe™: The senior living solution

With all the benefits of IndependaTVe™, senior living communities can’t afford to be without it. For more information about bringing IndependaTVe™ to your community, contact Independa.


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