75% of older adults have two or more chronic conditions, and $300 billion is the annual cost of non-adherence. Isn’t there a better way we can care for aging Americans?

Yes. Since people age 65+ watch more than 51 hours of TV each week, let’s take advantage of this familiar device to better care for older adults.

Learn more facts about aging adults in the infographic below:

Transform TVs into a Care & Connectivity Platform

Considering the fact that 99% of adults age 65+ own at least one TV, it’s clear to see that we need to take advantage of the technology people already own and know how to use to help older adults thrive in place.

Easy to use Independa technology can be used by organizations, aging Americans, and their loved ones to do just that:

  1. Organizations can bring the comfort of home to their community, increase staff efficiency, and improve operations by adding Independa to their community. Download the Independa for organizations brochure here to learn more.
  2. Aging Americans can now effortlessly stay connected with their family and friends, enjoy greater independence, and participate in treasured family activities with Independa. Download the Independa for home brochure here to learn more.
  3. Family and friends can care, even when they can’t be there, with Independa’s easy to use video chat, medication reminders, automatic check-ins, and additional remote care services. Download the Independa for home brochure here to learn more.

For people who are ready to upgrade their existing television, IndependaTV™ is the LG television that comes with all the services ready-to-go on your TV.

For people who love their current television, the Independa AnyTV Companion™ is an easy-to-use attachment that turns your television into IndependaTV™.

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