Intent is to further advance accessibility and treatment for millions of Americans with hearing loss

DALLAS, TX – March 14, 2023 – Lucid Hearing, the leading provider of holistic hearing healthcare, and Independa, an award-winning software platform providing remote engagement, education, and care, today announced the launch of the world’s first smart TV-based hearing assessments. The partnership’s breakthrough technology is available on all 2021 or newer Smart TVs and enables users to assess their hearing for free from the comfort of their own home using the Independa Health Hub®.

The announcement of this first-of-a-kind offering seeks to improve accessibility and promote better hearing health for all Americans. “By partnering with Independa, we are providing perhaps the most convenient and easy-to-use option for hearing assessments,” said Lucid Hearing EVP of research and development Bennett Griffin. “This will greatly benefit millions of Americans who suspect they have hearing loss but have hesitated to seek testing and treatment. This offering underscores Lucid Hearing’s commitment to partnerships like this that will significantly expand hearing health accessibility and improve outcomes.”

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, approximately 28 million Americans could benefit from using hearing aids. Lucid Hearing’s free online and in-store assessments at more than 500 locations nationwide, combined with the new smart TV-based hearing assessments, will help many Americans determine if they are among those who need hearing assistance. “We are proud to partner with Lucid Hearing in bringing this innovative hearing solution to living rooms across the country,” said Kian Saneii, CEO of Independa. “Hearing loss affects millions across this nation, and now we are offering the ability to assess hearing from your TV. This is a world first and a game-changer for delivering improved accessibility and solutions to those who need treatment, whether their loss is mild to moderate or even severe.”

The LG Smart TV assessment will offer users a personalized experience, providing tailored results and guiding users to the type of assistance they need. If the assessment reveals no hearing loss, the user will be guided to consider hearing protection through, a division of Lucid Hearing.  For those individuals whose results reveal mild to moderate hearing loss, Lucid Hearing will recommend over-the-counter hearing aids, which would be conveniently delivered to their home without a trip to an audiologist.  And for those with an indication of a severe hearing loss, a free hearing test with an audiologist is made available, at the nearest Lucid Hearing Center in a Sam’s Club location.

About Lucid Hearing:

Lucid Hearing’s mission is to advance hearing healthcare holistically across our family of brands that encompass hearing enhancement, enjoyment, protection, detection, and wellness. We believe every human should have access to better hearing, and we are proud to offer free online and in-store assessments at more than 500 Lucid Hearing clinics nationwide. Connect with Lucid Hearing: website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Independa

Founded in 2009, Independa, Inc, is the innovator of the award-winning social engagement, education and care platform. The Independa Health Hub® provides an ecosystem of health and wellness applications and benefits, including bi-directional, easy-to-use video chat, allowing care recipients to stay more healthy, independent and socially engaged, while reducing the costs and complexities of care. Beyond direct consumer benefits through integration in all Smart TVs, Independa addresses remote engagement and operational costs and staffing challenges in home care, home health and senior living communities through market-specific enterprise solutions. Independa helps people stay at their residence of choice longer, safer and more comfortably, delivering on the joys of a Life, Connected™. Connect with Independa: website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Kylie Pray
The Point Group, on behalf of Lucid Hearing

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