If you have elderly parents or grandparents, you will have to take care of a number of things. One of the main things is the medications the elderly use, when they have to take it, the dosage and the kind. Since they are getting old, seniors usually tend to forget the medications and the dosages they have to take which can lead to serious consequences. The improper dosage of the medication may aggravate their medical conditions, something you definitely do not want.

Elderly and the young children are at a risk in case there is an over dosage of a medication. Following are some of the general side effects associated with an improper dosage of medication by the elderly.

• There can be problems with the vital organs. A rise in respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure are common side effects.
• Confusion, feeling drowsy and sleepiness and also common in the case of improper usage of drugs. Vomiting is also a common side effect.
• Skin feels sweaty, too hot or too cold
• In case of serious overdosage, seizures can occur which can be dangerous for the elderly
• Chest pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea are also some of the most common side effects associated with an improper dosage of medication by the elderly.

Here’s the Solution

Now that you are aware of the problems associated with an improper dosage of medication in the elderly, you may be wondering how can you keep a check on it. it can be a struggle remembering all the times and dosages of the medications that the elderly in your house have to take. You may not be present at the home all the time to make sure every medication is taken at the right time and in the correct dosage.

Independa – Making Home Senior Care Easy

Independa offers a solution to this problem. It allows you to have efficient home senior care from anywhere. You may be at the office, or down the street, but with Independa, you can check in any time using your phone, tablet or desktop. All you have to do is download the app. You can set reminders in the app about the time of the medication and the dosages of each. With the app, you can talk to the elderly in the house and remind them about the medication and the dosage they have to take. In addition, since you will be watching your elderly loved ones live, it will ensure that none of the dosages are missed. It also reduces the chances of any over or under dosage of one of the important medications they need.

Independa has made life easy for the people who are involved in home care for seniors. With their monitor and alert system for elderly, you can make sure that home senior care is never compromised even when you are not at the home with them. These easy to use solutions are important when you have an elderly loved one at home and you cannot be around them all the time.

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