What does aging mean to you? For many seniors, modern aging is all about defying the old stereotypes and providing new methods for vibrant living. Today’s seniors are keeping their minds, bodies and spirits young in a number of ways.

Continuing to learn

Lifelong learning offers multiple benefits to seniors, as About Relationships notes. Whether you’re learning a new dance step or a new language, keeping your mind sharp may provide you with the following perks:

  • Better memory.
  • Improved self-confidence.
  • A feeling of accomplishment.
  • A sharper mind.
  • A way to meet kindred spirits.
  • A new interest you can share with loved ones.

elderly man sitting and reading book

Staying fit and active

The Centers for Disease Control reports that both men and women benefit from physical activity as they age. The agency provides the following tips for including healthy movement in your life:

  • Consult your doctor if you’re just starting, and begin with short intervals of moderate-intensity movement, such as walking for five to 10 minutes
  • Understand that exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to provide benefits
  • Try to work in a moderate amount of activity daily
  • Gain additional health benefits by increasing frequency, duration or intensity of exercise

Using new technology to stay engaged

Seniors want to keep up with their loved ones even as they enjoy their own active lifestyles. For a convenient, easy way to stay connected with family members, many seniors are choosing IndependaTV™, an innovative product that includes a variety of senior-friendly services. Using video chat and messaging, IndependaTV™ easily connects seniors with friends, caregivers and loved ones.

A new way to age

Today’s seniors understand that maintaining an active lifestyle can help them remain vibrant as they age. By keeping their minds sharp, moving every day and using IndependaTV™ to stay connected with loved ones, seniors maintain a lifestyle they love.


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