As the demand for home care and senior living communities expands with the growing elderly population, Senior Providers must become all the more strategic about how they market their services to prospective care recipients and their families. Many of these strategies focus on older adults themselves, emphasizing how independent living solutions or residential care can improve their quality of life on a daily basis. However, given that millions of adult children have taken on the task of caring for their elderly loved ones, it's clear that more must be done to address this audience as well.

While adult children are of course invested in the degree of comfort and care their relatives will receive, Senior Housing News notes that they prefer a very different sales process than their parents. Rather than speaking on the phone, for example, CEO Andy Cohen told the source that adult children often seek out pricing details via company websites.

"Going forward, Cohen believes the majority of searches for senior living will be conducted by the adult children — and they're almost all doing it online. But a lot of the things they're looking for differ from what a senior might want to know," Senior Housing News reports.

Appealing to older adults could prove to be a useful strategy in part because these relatives tend to get involved when it has become clear that an older adult requires a greater degree of care. This translates to an increased likelihood that initial inquiries will transition quickly to action.

Millions of Americans have also found themselves in the difficult position of looking out for their parents while trying to raise of a family of their own, and this "sandwich generation" is in need of options that can lighten the load and ensure their parents' comfort and safety. As such, Senior Providers can appeal to this audience by emphasizing benefits including connectivity and visibility. Featuring content on your company website that is specifically addressed to adult children can also emphasize that you understand the unique challenges they face as informal caregivers, and have tailored your services to provide much-needed caregiver support.

With Independa's telecare suite, you can offer peace of mind to older adults and their adult children with features like around-the-clock remote monitoring and an open line of communication between care recipients, family members and caregivers through video chat, email and social networks. Contact us through our online form to learn more.

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