As winter comes to an end it’s time for everyone’s favorite season, Spring! The air is starting to get warmer, birds are starting to sing, and the flowers are starting to bloom; so, get out and enjoy it! Regardless of your age, there are tons of activities to help you stay active and enjoy the weather. Here are just a few fun spring activities seniors can enjoy:


  • Walking – Make walking a part of your daily routine. Walking is a great exercise for seniors, so choose a local park, nature trail, or even your own neighborhood, and get outside! Even better, grab a friend and make it a social activity you can look forward to every day.
  • Spring Cleaning – Living in a cluttered space is not only unappealing to the eye but can also increase your stress levels. Spend a few days going through your belongings and donate anything you don’t need. Soon your home will be clean, and you’ll get to revisit old memories along the way.
  • Gardening – Gardening is another great way to get some exercise and enjoy the nice weather. It also reduces stress levels and promotes flexibility and endurance. Visit your local nursery to see the wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants they offer. We recommend planting fruits and vegetables for some fresh ingredients for your favorite dishes.
  • Farmers Market – Farmers Markets are a great place to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and pick up some unique crafts and organic produce. You can go in with a recipe in mind, or just wander and see what everyone is selling!
  • Fishing – Whether you are mobile or in a wheelchair, fishing is a great activity anyone can enjoy. Head to a pier, bridge, creek, or river and let the relaxation and great weather make your day.
  • Volunteering – It’s always a great day to volunteer! Helping the less fortunate not only benefits them, but makes you feel good as well. Check google for volunteer opportunities in your area.
  • Grandkids – Kids love being outside! Pack a picnic basket, take them to the park, fly a kite, or feed the geese! It’s sure to be a fun time for you both of you. If you’re too far to visit them, Independa is a wonderfully simplistic option. From anywhere you are, you can easily get in contact with them and be with them as if you were right next to them.
  • Bird Watching – Birds are beautiful creatures and are very fun to watch. Invest in a bird feeder (or build your own), and eventually you’ll have blue jays and hummingbirds flying around your backyard!


What fun activities will you be up to this spring? Let us know what spring activities you have planned this year on our Facebook page.

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