A recent study found that approximately two-thirds of people age 65 and older need assistance from either a mobility device or another person to go about their daily activities. For adult children providing support to their aging parents, a technology solution like Independa™ provides a number of benefits.

A simple interface that seniors enjoy

Does your dad delight in watching his favorite programs? If so, he’ll love Independa™. Using only a familiar TV remote, your parent can access a full range of helpful functions.

The simple interface of Independa™ even has a friendly name: Angela. Many older adults have health issues that make using some technology difficult. Pressing small buttons and seeing tiny type on a small screen can be a real chore. Smartphones and other mobile devices also require tedious and difficult maintenance — including virus protection and software updates.

But with Independa™, every aging American can access technology that enhances their quality of life and independence.

Monitoring of health metrics

If your job takes you far away from your parents, you probably worry. Did Dad remember to take his new medications? How is Mom’s blood pressure today? With Independa™, there’s no need to worry or wonder.

Independa™ tracks a variety of health metrics, and you can check in anytime. Using your smartphone or desktop computer, simply access the convenient dashboard to check the status of medication reminders, appointments, health metrics and much more.

monitoring blood pressure

An easy way to stay connected

Loneliness and isolation are problems for many elderly adults. When your parents use Independa™, you won’t have to worry that they feel alone.

Using convenient features like video chat and messaging, your parents can easily stay in touch with you and other loved ones. Grandchildren can check in anytime to tell your mom and dad about school or just to say hello. And using Independa™, you can “transport” your parents to any number of family events, from a ball game to a wedding or graduation. Participating via video chat, your parents won’t miss one important moment.

User-friendly support from Independa™

If your parents need support to thrive in their preferred aging environment, consider a technology solution like Independa™. With its user-friendly interface, monitoring of health metrics and multiple ways to connect with loved ones, Independa™ is an indispensable tool for healthy aging.

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