Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered reduced social isolation to be a key benefit of technological literacy among older people. In a study conducted at the University of Exeter, experts studied 76 volunteers between the ages of 60 and 95, half of whom were trained on basic computer functions and social media. The other half were sampled as a control group who did not have an understanding of platforms like Skype, email and surfing the internet. 

"Having this training changes people's lives and opens up their worlds, invigorates their minds and for lots of us gives us a completely different way of recognizing our worth as we age," participant Margaret Keohone said in a statement.

While some individuals over 60 might feel intimidated or disinterested about the benefits of information age technologies, the study suggested engaging {socially} over the internet could lead to greater overall satisfaction, sharpness, self-image and wellness. Participants who were trained to use web technology were given a touch screen computer and keyboard, as well as broadband Internet. The University Herald reports that people who at first felt uncertain about the advantages of learning to use technology were persuaded over time by the ease and limitless possibilities of connecting with loved ones. 

For aging individuals, a reduction in the feeling of isolation can promote rewarding activities of daily living and engagement with peers. For computer users of any age, exploring the benefits of the internet doesn't require sophisticated knowledge, particularly as platforms become more intuitive and user-friendly. 

With Independa's patented Angela™ platform, users can communicate through the convenience of an LG TV. Given that Angela™ is delivered over the TV, there is no new technology to learn, no computers or tablets. The interface was designed for simplicity. In addition to diminishing social isolation, our technology builds support into the daily lives of individuals who are aging in place

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